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If you are registered with EBISU you are able to use the service from anywhere in the UK. All you need is an internet-connected device and a quiet place to be able to talk in private. Our clinicians are available 12 hours per day, 365 days a year and can provide you with medical advice for you and your family, when you most need it.

Ebisu Counselling & Support Service

Employee sickness and absence rates are extremely costly to businesses. It is estimated that absence from work could cost some companies up to £554 per employee per year. In a company of 1000 employees, this equates to more than £500,000.Although sickness rates are declining in the UK, the number of employees citing mental health as their cause of absence is on the increase.

Promoting and supporting employee mental and physical well-being in your company will not only help your workers, but will also contribute to the productivity and reputation of your business. This has further reaching effects because promoting the concept of mental and physical wellness to your workers, promotes the concept to their families, friends and so forth. Ultimately, the effect is growth, a healthy economy and a flourishing society.

We offer personalised counselling service for your employees. Please contact enquiries@ebisuhealth.co.uk for more details.

Care Pods

The Care pods are a portable or fixed digital healthcare solution appropriate for a number of different establishments. The model consists of a range of user-friendly diagnostic equipment integrated with our digital platform that allows a user to experience a virtual healthcare consultation.

The model is equipped with a high resolution screen to faciliate the video-consultation and allow seamless interaction with a healthcare professional. Care Pods are appropriate for use in Care homes, Universities, schools, prisons and businesses. Healthcare solutions can also be tailored to the establishments needs.

We can provide an Urgent Primary Care service providing GP appointments, a dedicated mental health support service or counselling service or arrange a bespoke service of healthcare personnel based on on your requirements.




41 minutes ago

Amazing service, very professional and quick delivery of my medication. Would definitely recommend, thank you to the Dr that helped me it was so much easier using Ebisu Health I didn't have to leave my house or wait for ages to get through to my doctors. thank you :)

- A G


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