About Us
EBISU- the Japanese God

EBISU is a Japanese God. He was born with crippling disabilities and because of this, he was cast out to sea by his parents in a basket made of reeds. Despite his desperate predicament, he overcame the ocean and found the safety of the shore, surviving to become a guardian of all those at sea.

His character is jolly, hopeful and happy. Although he is usually associated with fishermen, he is also known as the God of honest trade, fair dealings and good fortune. Particularly appealing was his Guardianship over the health of small children. So, we liked him for his honesty, integrity and all that he stands for!

Our Mission

To deliver innovative, convenient and affordable Urgent Primary Health Care of the highest quality, providing a practical service that is patient-centred, not profit-driven.

Our Values


Ebisu Health are accountable, transparent and sincere.


Ebisu Health promises to develop and progress the service through learning and exploration of new ideas and to always strive for excellence.

Investment in People 

  • In Patients who use the service and who can help identify areas for improvement and direct us to where change is needed
  • In Partners - our network of trustworthy alliances, essential to the provision of high quality care 
  • In Professionals who work for us and who share our founding values


Our Beginnings

Ebisu was founded by a GP and a business manager who worked together at a busy Urgent Care Centre. Witnessing the frustrations of staff and patients at the ever-increasing challenges facing the NHS, they began to explore potential solutions to bolster a buckling system.

The government are working towards improving the Urgent Primary Care Health Service, but there are many challenges to overcome; longer waiting times, exhausted front-line workers, scarce GP appointments, access difficulties and inadequate parking are just some of the problems that the taskforces must find solutions for. The NHS is our national pride and it is vital that we look for ways to preserve it.

Ebisu Health Limited was created to offer an affordable, alternative solution for patients in need of same-day treatment for acute minor illness or ailments. There are a wide range of urgent health care problems that can be safely assessed and treated online, using clinical telemedicine skills. Utilising a digital platform to assess and treat some patients remotely can avoid many of the difficulties faced by people who need urgent primary care advice.