Account FAQs
What is membership?

A member is entitled to discount prices for consultations and most of our other services. A member is also entitled to unlimited access to the Mailbox System. This allows a member to submit any number of clinical questions to their mailbox within 14 days of a consultation. A clinician will aim to respond by email within 24 hours.

A membership account costs £40 per year.

This is paid 1 year in advance. This subscription does NOT renew automatically but you will be sent an email prior to the expiry date inviting you to renew your membership. 

Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can. However, we do have a legal and ethical duty to retain medical records for a specified amount of time, based on directives from the British Medical Association. These are listed in the Terms and Conditions.

How do I pay?

EBISU Health use the Paypal for all payments. We accept Visa debit, Visa credit and Mastercard.

You will pay for your consultation at the time of booking an appointment. Any additional services or products that require payment will be requested at the end of the consultation. The clincian will advise you of these costs at the time of ordering them. Once payment is received, certificates, letters and other products will be dowloaded to your Patient Portal. Prescriptions will be sent directly to our Partner Pharmacy, RXLive. If you have been offered a follow-up appointment, the clinician will take the payment at the end of the consultation and proceed to book the appointment with you.