Children FAQs
Can children use the service?

Yes, children are very welcome to use the service, subject to Terms and Conditions. All people under 18 years are required to be register with an individual account. A separate email address is required for each child registering as duplicate email addresses will not be accepted by the system. We require all children under the age of 13 years to be supervised and accompanied by an adult when using our service.

The adult who is designated and registered as the legally responsibile adult will always have access to the medical records of a child under 13y.

A child aged 13-15y may request to have confidentiality rights by entering into a discussion with their Adult and a clinician. If it is mutually agreed by all parties, the adult will not be able to access the child's medical records unless there are concerns about a person's safety or welfare.

A young adult aged 16y or 17y has automatically got confidentiality rights unless there are concerns about their own or someone else's safety or welfare. Consent, confidentiality and it's limits are explained in the Terms and Conditions. However ID verification can only be conducted on people 18y and over and therefore young adults will still require a legally responsible adult to undergo an identity check and provide evidence of their relationship with the young adult.

How do I register a child?

A child must be registered with their own individual account. Ebisu will verify their legally responsible adult's identity and conduct a review of documentation submitted confirming the adult's legal relationship to the child using either the child's birth certificate, adoption certificate, Court Order or Child Passport that links the surnames.

If a child is under 13y, we require the legally responsible adult to accompany and supervise the child throughout the consultation.

If a child is 13-15y, they are considered mature enough to make decisions about their healthcare. They may be able to use the service without adult supervision, providing this has been agreed between the adult and child beforehand and the clinician is satisfied the child has capacity to consent. If all parties agree, the medical records will remain confidential to the child and will not be acessible by the adult unless their are concerns about a person's safety or welfare.

A young adult (aged 16 and 17) can use the service without adult supervision but they are required to register initially as a Child account. Their medical records are kept confidential from the adult account holder unless there are safeguarding concerns. Young adults will also be required to confirm they have permission to use the payment card from the card holder.

Does my account cover all my family?

No, each adult in the family will require an individual account.

Children can only be added to one adult account.

Can someone else accompany my child?

No, if your child is under 13y old they must be supervised by the adult who registered them. If you need to change this, please alter the details in the adult account settings or contact us on 0844 3150200

If your child is 13-15y, they may use the service unaccompanied or with another adult if this has been arranged beforehand. This will require a discussion through a video-consultation with the child and the legally responsible adult where the clinician must be satisfied that the child understands consent, confidentiality and it's limits.

Young adults who are 16 and 17y may use the service without adult accompaniment but they do need to have permission to use the payment card from the cardholder.