General FAQs
What do you treat?

We are able to treat a wide range of minor illnesses and ailments. Please visit this page for more information

Medical Conditions Suitable for EBISU

Above all we want you to be safe. Our clinicians will hold a video-consultation with you and if they think you should see a doctor face-to-face they will advise you of your options. They will still be able to support and advise you.

What can't you treat?

There are obviously many medical conditions that will require a physical examination and our clinicians will advise you of your options if they think you should be seen by a doctor in a face-to-face setting.

Do not use this service in a medical emergency. If you think you are having a medical emergency you should call 999. If you think you need to be seen urgently by a healthcare professional for a medical condition not suitable for EBISU you can also call 111 who will arrange an appointment for you through the NHS. Alternatievely you can wait to see your own GP.

Please find more information on this page Medical Conditions not suitable for EBISU

Do you issue sick notes?

Yes we do. After a video-consultation with a clinician, you may request a medical sicknesss certificate. These can only be issued by doctors so your case may be referred to the Duty Doctor before it can be issued. You will receive the certificate on the same day and it will be downloaded to your Patient Portal.

As is the case with all online private healthcare providers, our medical sickness certificates are private issues. They can be used to send to your employer or place of study/training as evidence that you are not well enough to carry out your activites, but they can not be sent to the DWP for social security benefits or used to claim SSP (statuatory sick pay). If you need it for this purpose, or if you anticipate your illness will last for more than 2 weeks, you should obtain a MED 3 sick note from your regsitered GP.

Read more Medical Sickness Certficates & Referrals

What device do I need?

We are a web based service so you need a computer or laptop or other internet connected device. You will need an upto date browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and a good Internet connection. We recommend a minimum speed of 3Mb/s. You can use Mac OS or Windows 7 (minimum).

 Our App will be available next year to make it easier to use our service through your phone or tablet.

How much does it cost?

Please refer to our Price List:  Our Prices

You can use the service as a single Pay-as-you-Go option each time you have a consultation or you can join EBISU as a member. Membership costs £40/year and entitles you to reduced costs for some of our services including the cost of a consultation. More details are available on the website.

Can I use EBISU while I am abroad?

You can access our website from overseas and see a clinician for advice but we cannot issue prescriptions, due to various restrictions and laws in different countries. However, in some instances, depending on the medication and the location, we may be able to organise delivery of medication to an address in another country . We will always do our best to help you.

Can children use the service?

Yes, they can.  Please ensure you have read Terms and Conditions Here.

You will need to register your child with their own Account. However, identification is only required of the adult who is registering them. The adult will be asked to provide some evidence that proves the legal responsibility for the child e.g. a birth or adoption certificate, Court Order or child's passport that links your surnames.

Depending on the age of the child, there will be certain conditions and safeguards in place, as explained in the terms and conditions. Children over 13y may be able to use the service on their own, after they have been registered providing permission has been granted by their legally responsible adult and they understand the implications and limits of confidentiality.

Do I get any discount if I am on government benefits?

No, unfortunately, EBISU is a private service and is not supported by any elements of the NHS. You will need to pay the same price for all our services, including the cost of medications and the Prescription Fee if you are prescribed medicines.