E-Cigarettes and Vaping
18 wrz 2019

E- Cigarettes and Vaping. Is it safe?

We see social media videos of them exploding, setting alight, we read about health risks they pose, so are they safe to use? what do we know about them?

E- cigarettes have caused many injuries and even deaths. There has recently been media coverage of another death in the US, this being the sixth death from lung disease linked to vaping.  

A recent news story recently reported that illicit cannabis vaping products have been identified as a possible cause to many cases of lung illness in US, this is due to them containing Vitamin E acetate, a thickening agent in THC oil (cannabis oil).

After reading about this we thought we would give you some information on vaping.

What is vaping?

The use of an E-cigarette is called vaping. The e-cigarette, also known as a vape or vaporiser, is a device that enables you to inhale nicotine as vapour rather than smoke.  Unlike cigarettes they do not burn tobacco or produce tar and carbon monoxide which are two of the most damaging elements in tobacco smoke.

Vape models

  • Cigalikes – look similar to cigarettes and can be rechargeable or disposable
  • Vape pens – small like pens or tubes and hold liquid in a small tank, battery operated and last a little longer than the cigalikes
  • Mods – the largest vaping device, hold liquids and batteries are longer lasting

Is vaping safe? Some facts about vaping

In the UK E-cigarettes are tightly regulated for safety and quality, but they are not completely risk free.

The liquid and vapour still contains harmful chemicals that are found in cigarettes but at a much lower level.

Most of the harm from smoking cigarettes comes from the chemicals contained in the tobacco smoke.

Nicotine is highly addictive. Vaping sends nicotine straight to your lungs and bloodstream and the vapour still contains harmful chemicals, although much lower levels than tobacco smoke, different chemicals can be found in different flavours.

There is no evidence to prove it is harmful to people around you.

Nicotine replacement therapy has helped people quit smoking for years and is s safe treatment.

The risk of fire can be avoided by using the correct chargers/batteries, do not leave on charge overnight or unattended. Always purchase from a reputable retailer to ensure the e-cigarette is compliant with the UK safety regulations.

Here are some links to useful websites regarding Vaping