Gynaecological Cancers
21 mar 2019

Being diagnosed with cancer is life-changing. It can happen at any age, to anybody and even with the most advanced medicine, survival rates still need to improve. 

Gynaecological cancers are a group of cancers affecting women. The 5 principal gynaecological cancers are:

  • Ovarian

  • Uterine (womb)/endometrial

  • Cervical

  • Vulval

  • Vaginal

58 women receive a diagnosis of a gynaecological cancer every day, but even with these shocking figures, gynaecological cancer awareness is still too low. Women of all ages should be appropriately informed so that they can recognise the symptoms.  Conversation surrounding womens health, especially gynaecological cancers are all too often avoided and it is a fact that these group of cancers receive less funding than other cancers. 

Therfore, raising awareness is the starting point. Knowing about these illnesses, understanding what it means to have this type of cancer and learning how to cope with it will undoubtedly help support women at the time of their diagnosis and during treatment. Being aware means being armed with information about where it can occur and understanding some of the symptoms, which could be life-saving. 

Read more about Gynaecological cancers HERE to learn more about these silent killers.

As well as information about diagnosis, treatment and management of gynaecological cancers, there is a list of organisations which may be essential for access to much needed emotional support.

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