08 maj 2019

This is not our usual blog content but we feel this needs to be spread as much as possible to gain maximum exposure.

CEO Blog:

I received an automated call from ‘Ofcom’ last week who said that my phone line would be disconnected within 24 hours as they had detected hacking on my line. The message continued - if I wanted to speak to a BT advisor, press 1 & to speak to an Ofcom adviser, press 2. I was suspicious as Sky provide my phone & broadband so I hung up and rang sky. Sky informed me that this was a fraudulent call and they’ve reported this already. I have today received a call from this fraudulent company again. The sad part of this is some people, mostly vulnerable are connecting with a supposed adviser and this is costing them a lot of money as the Sky adviser informed me, they had reports from mostly elderly customers to say they had given their bank details to these people. It really infuriates me to think that this could be my elderly relative who has worked hard for their savings and been targeted. This post is to make people aware. Please tell family and friends, spread the word about these phone calls which first started in January 2019 to the present day and they should hang up and report it. 

For more information & to report any calls, please visit the following link: