Race to the Tower - 52 mile walk
07 maj 2019

Hi, my name is Clair and I am Customer service manager here at Ebisu Health. To help support and raise funds for Dementia UK i am taking on the challenge of Race to The Tower. This is a 52 mile walk through the beautiful, but very hilly, Cotswolds.

I chose Dementia UK because like so many families it is affecting ours. Last year my nana was diagnosed with dementia and it is so sad to see her living with this. She has always been such an independent, spritely lady and she has been an absolute treasure to me since I was a small child. My nana looked after me whilst my parents worked and then also looking after my three children so that I could continue to work. When my twins were born, she would come and help me every day, she still loves being around the children now. This disease not only effects the patient but the family around them too, my grandad and my mum are kept very busy caring for my nana and it can at times be very distressing seeing an able, active and happy women slowly deteriorating. I know one of the hardest things for my mum was listening to my nana being questioned about her life by the GP and getting confused with the answers regarding times and dates, my mum came to me in tears. This year my nana turns 80 years old, but this disease can affect younger people too, as I know of a gentleman at the age of 30 being diagnosed!


To make a donation and support my challenge and Dementia UK please follow the link to my fundraising page.


Thankyou for reading my story