Stay safe in the sun
27 cze 2019

Staying Safe in the Sun

With the sunshine heading our way and sunburn increasing the risk of skin cancer, here is some helpful advice and tips on staying safe in the sun.


Between 11am – 3pm spend time in the shade

Never burn (you can still burn even when it is cloudy)

Wear suitable clothing and sunglasses

Take extra care with children

Use at least factor 30 sunscreen

When buying sunscreen always check the label, it should be

At least SPF 30

At least a 4-star UVA protection rating

Follow this link for useful factsheet regarding sunscreen

Note: Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out in the sun and apply liberally and frequently throughout the day. Always reapply after swimming/sweating even if using a water-resistant protection.



Sponge the sore skin with cool water and apply a after sun cream or spray such as Aloe Vera

Painkillers, paracetamol/ibuprofen can help ease pain and inflammation

Stay out of the sun until all redness has gone

Seek medical advice if you feel unwell, skin is badly swollen or blisters

Take extra care in the sun if:

Have pale, white or light brown skin

Have freckles or red or fair hair

Tend to burn rather than tan

Have many moles

Have skin problems relating to a medical condition

Are only exposed to intense sun occasionally (for example, while on holiday)

Are in a hot country where the sun is particularly intense

Have a family history of skin cancer

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