Stay Safe in the Sun
26 lip 2019

Most people like the hot weather but with a heatwave heading our way there are health risks that come with it, here is some helpful advice to keep you safe in the hot weather.

Helpful Tips to keep Safe in the Heat

Keep windows and doors closed, its hot air outside so wait until the air is cooler

Avoid the sun during the hottest times (11am – 3pm)

Use shades or light-coloured curtains to keep rooms cooler, dark curtains can make a  room hotter

Take cool showers/baths

Drink plenty of fluids, tea, coffee, water etc are good options, avoid excess alcohol

Wear loose clothing, protect your eyes with sunglasses and wear a hat when going outside

Check on friends/family that are vulnerable and may less able to look after themselves

Never burn (you can still burn when it is cloudy)

Take extra care with children

Use at least a factor 30 sunscreen (always check the label it should be at least a 4 star UVA protection rating) for more information regarding sunscreen follow the link to a useful factsheet

Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out in the sun and apply liberally and frequently throughout the day. Always reapply after swimming/sweating even if using a water-resistant protection.

Heat exhaustion / Heatstroke

Heat exhaustion is not usually serious if you cool down within 30 minutes after which it can turn to heat stroke, which does need medical attention.

Children may become very sleepy and floppy, follow these steps

1.     move them to a cool place

2.     get them to lie down and slightly raise their legs

3.     get them to drink plenty of water

4.     cool their skin with a sponge or spray, cool them with a fan

5.     stay with them until they start to feel better, this should be within around 30 minutes.

Warning signs of heatstroke are:

·       headache

·       dizziness/confusion

·       nausea/vomiting or diarrhoea

·       loss of appetite                       

·       excessive sweating and pale skin

·       cramps in the arms. Legs or stomach

·       fast breathing

·       temp of over 38C

·       very thirsty

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