26 wrz 2019

Stoptober - Stub It Out

Stoptober – Why you should ‘STUB IT OUT’ 

Health benefits, the cost, the addiction, the effects on your family and friends from the second-hand smoke or because you actually want to, the list is endless as to why you should stop smoking for good.  Here’s some advice and tips on how you can join in the Stoptober campaign.

What is Stoptober?

Stoptober is a campaign started in 2012 by the Public Health England and since then it has been a massive success with over 1 million people having taken part.

It is a 28-day event aimed to encourage people to quit smoking for good, you are five times more likely to quit after 28 days.

Why is works

By taking part in the campaign you will have the support of your family and friends, the app to help and guide you through and social media also a range of free resources are available throughout October. You hear and read about the Stoptober campaign everywhere throughout October making it the perfect opportunity to get involved.

What happens to your body when you quit

After 20mins – Your pulse returns to normal

After 8hrs – your oxygen levels will be returning to normal

After 24hrs – You will have flushed out the carbon monoxide from your body

After 48hrs –No nicotine is left in the body and your sense of taste and smell will improve

After 72hrs – Energy levels will be increasing and breathing becomes be easier

After 2-12wks – You will have improved circulation

After 3-9mths – Lung function will increase by up to 10%

After 1yr ­– The risk of heart attack will have halved compared to a smoker

After 10yrs – The risk of lung cancer is halved compared to a smoker

After 15yrs – Risk of heart attack is the same as a non-smoker

Tips to help you

  • List the reason why you want to quit could be cost, health, family etc.

  • Tell people, its easier with the support of others around you.

  • Plan, have a plan if you know your going to have a stressful few days prepare for them, could be with E-cigs or the help of your friends distracting you from the craving.

  • Change your routine, have an apple o your tea break rather than the usual cigarette, or change the time of your break make help to not associate the cigarette with the break.

  • Keep busy, if a craving comes, go for a walk, go to the shops or phone a friend, the craving will pass.

  • Exercise/ physical activity will help reduce the cravings, swimming or walking for example.

  • Learn from others, for instance, join social media groups where you can find inspiration from ex-smokers and read their success stories and get advice.

  • Download the Stoptober App.

  • Sign up to the Stoptober campaign

  • Think about getting sponsors, an added incentive to help you quit.

Make the decision to quit today and GOOD LUCK!

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