UTI/Water Infection
02 lip 2019

UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

Do you experience any of the following?

  •       Burning sensation when you pee
  •       Lower tummy pain
  •       Cloudy or smelly pee
  •       Blood in your pee

If you answered yes, you may have a UTI, but no need to worry, help is close by!

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What is a UTI?

A Urinary Tract Infection is an infection somewhere along the urinary tract, usually caused by bacteria entering the urethra.

Some things that may increase your chances of developing a UTI

  • ·       Certain medications/illnesses

  • ·       An underlying problem with your bladder or kidneys

  • ·       Not drinking enough water

  • ·       Pregnancy

  • ·       Suppressed immune system

  • ·       After sex


You could experience any of the following;

  • ·       Needing to or feeling the urge to pee more frequently

  • ·       Pain or burning sensation when emptying your bladder

  • ·       Offensive smelling urine

  • ·       Blood in your urine

  • ·       Feeling unwell and tired

  • ·       Lower tummy pain or discomfort

  • ·       Chills or a fever

Children may

  • ·       Appear unwell (babies can be irritable and not feed properly or develop a fever)

  • ·       Start wetting the bed or not making it to the loo in time

  • ·       Vomit or complain of tummy ache



Simple remedies may help and the infection may settle on its own. Other times, you may require an antibiotic. If the infection affects the kidneys, you must receive treatment as soon as possible. ........Things you can do to help yourself;

  • ·       Take paracetamol (avoid taking ibuprofen unless instructed by a doctor)

  • ·       Use a hot water bottle on your tummy

  • ·       Loose cotton underwear (avoid tight fitting jeans)

  • ·       Go for a pee before and immediately after sexual intercourse

  • ·       Drink plenty of water


When to seek medical help

  • ·       If the symptoms are persisting after 2-3 days

  • ·       If you see blood in your urine

  • ·       If you develop a fever or feel unwell (shivering, shaking, sweating, vomiting)

  • ·       If you develop pain in your lower back or sides

  • ·       If you are pregnant or have another medical condition such as Diabetes

  • ·       Men and children should always be seen by a clinician as soon as possible


Is it difficult for you to get to your GP?

Ebisu Health may be able to help with uncomplicated urine infections.

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