Our Team

Catherine Flynn

Chief Operating Officer

Catherine's story

Catherine is an experienced Business and Operations Executive with a background in Finance & Healthcare. Her most recent experiences were with the Urgent Care sector and it was here that she believed the need for transformation was greatest. Inspired by colleagues and executives within the NHS she started to explore innovative thinking and digital solutions that would enhance patient experience and access to medical care. Catherine thrives in the healthcare industry and aside from her current work with EBISU she has ambitions to advance the service using technology as the tool to drive change.

Dr Helen Snowden

Chief Medical Officer

Helen's story

Helen is a GP specialising in Urgent Care with experience in management and leadership within the NHS. Dedicated to the patients she looks after, Helen is passionate about getting healthcare right for them. She has been fortunate to learn from and work alongside some compelling healthcare professionals who have inspired her search for solutions in urgent health care. She is intent on creating a place for clinicians to flourish, learn and have the space to deliver the quality healthcare that our patients deserve.


Our Clinicians

Our team of clinicians are made up of experienced GPs and Advanced Nurse Practitioners who are specialised in Urgent Primary Health Care. They are selected based on their clinical skills, their integrity, their values and their desire to help drive change. 

All our clinicians are UK based and all are currently working, or have spent considerable time within the NHS and we are proud to have them on board.

All Clinicians are registered with their respective professional bodies and maintain their clincial knowldege and skills through regular training, updates and annual appraisal.

They are looking forward to meeting you!