Ebisu HealthCare Pods

What are Care Pods?

The Care pods are a portable or fixed digital healthcare solution appropriate for a number of different establishments. The model consists of a range of user-friendly diagnostic equipment integrated with our digital platform that allows a user to experience a virtual healthcare consultation, with all observations including but not limited to, BP, Pulse, Temperature, ECG and many more. The model is equipped with a high resolution screen to faciliate the video-consultation and allow seamless interaction with a healthcare professional.

You have to see this technology to fully appreciate how amazing it is!

Care Pods may be installed as;

  • a fixed unit within a dedicated consulting room

  • a standlone enclosed unit to provide an area of privacy

  • mobilised unit to allow movement between patients. 

Care Pods are appropriate for use in Care homes, Universities, schools, prisons and businesses.

Healthcare solutions can also be tailored to the establishments needs. We can provide an Urgent Primary Care service providing GP appointments, a dedicated mental health support service or counselling service or arrange a bespoke service of healthcare personnel based on your requirements.


The Care Pod contract enables users to connect through secure videolink to our healthcare professionals where they will receive a consultation and have access to prescriptions, follow up appointments and private referrals where appropriate.


Ebisu also offer solutions in other telehealth care devices. A popular choice is our SOS bands which can be included in our Care Pod equipment or purchased as individual units. SOS bands are worn by the client/patient and are used to request emergency primary care appointments or to contact family/friends. 


Care Pod Contracts are managed by a dedicated Ebisu account manager who will liaise with the client throughtout the contract period. Clients will be also provided with regular data updates and analytics. Installation of equipment, online technical support and staff training is included with the package.


For further information about Care Pods and other telehealth equipment, the service we provide, please contact us on enquiries@ebisuhealth.co.uk.  We will be happy to visit your establishment to consider a bespoke solution or recommendation for your services.