Employee Wellbeing and Support Service

Employee Counselling and Support Service

Employee sickness and absence rates are extremely costly to businesses. It is estimated that absence from work could cost some companies up to £554 per employee per year. In a company of 1000 employees, this equates to more than £500,000.

Although sickness rates are declining in the UK, the number of employees citing mental health as their cause of absence is on the increase.

Promoting and supporting employee mental and physical well-being in your company will not only help your workers, but will also contribute to the productivity and reputation of your business. This has further reaching effects because promoting the concept of mental and physical wellness to your workers, promotes the concept to their families, friends and so forth. Ultimately, the effect is growth, a healthy economy and a flourishing society.

We offer personalised counselling service for your employees. Please contact enquiries@ebisuhealth.co.uk for more details.


How can we help your employees?

Ebisu Health offer a telephone-based counselling and support service for your employees using an appointment system. Company employees may self-refer through our website.

All Ebisu counsellors have the necessary qualifications, are registered with their appropriate professional body and have substantial counselling experience. The service is confidential and any communications with external parties are made only with the employee's explicit consent.

How does this differ from a traditional  EAP?

  • Ebisu Employee Counselling service uses a personalised approach to managing employee  concerns. Many EAP services offer 24hr helplines. This is costly to businesses and does not always provide the optimal support that employees need. With Ebisu Counselling, an employee remains with the same counsellor until the program is complete, which allows for continuity. A counsellor-client relationship can develop which fosters a secure and confidential environment for employees to disclose sensitive details.

  • Our counselling service also offers a unique, complimentary follow-up telephone appointment with a GP. This is to ensure that concerns have been addressed and any problems are resolved. If the GP feels there are outstanding issues, further action and recommendations can be discussed with the employee.

  • Our employee counselling and support service is constantly evolving and will develop according to the feedback and requirements of its clients.

  • The service is affordable for many small enterprises. Excluding a small sign up fee, companies are only charged for counselling sessions used.


Employee Self-Referral Form

If your company has a contract with Ebisu Health to support employees with an employee counselling and support service, you may self-refer, using the Form below.

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