Terms and Conditions

EBISU Health Limited

Terms and Conditions

Updated 16th August 2018

Our Mission

To challenge the current barriers and improve Urgent Primary Care Healthcare access by providing an affordable, convenient online service that continually strives to attain the highest quality standards. We intend to contribute to a better National Urgent Care service that reaches the most vulnerable members of our community.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. You will be asked to confirm that you have read and understand them when you register an account with Ebisu Health Limited.

Please also read our Privacy Policy; this can be found on our website and tells you how we use and look after your personal information.

Ebisu Health Limited (reg. no. 11019842) is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Our registered address is Kemp House, 160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX.

Any use of the terms, “Ebisu”, “Ebisu Health”, “our”,” we”, “us” and “Company” refer to Ebisu Health Limited.

Service users are referred to as “patients”.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) www.cqc.org.uk

We are governed by the laws of England and Wales

We only provide services within the UK.

Introducing Ebisu Health

We provide medical consultations for healthcare advice, information and prescriptions (when appropriate) on a range of acute minor illnesses and ailments, that generally require attention within the next few days. The consultation takes place over a secure video link with our clinicians.

While there is a wide range of illnesses we can help with, there are also conditions that are not suitable to be assessed or treated through our service.

We are not able to manage medical emergencies.

If you think you are having a medical emergency, you should contact 999. If you think you need urgent medical advice or treatment that cannot be managed through Ebisu, or you think you require a physical examination, you should contact 111 or speak to your own doctor immediately. We list examples of the conditions we are unable to manage on our website.

We do not manage long term conditions that are ordinarily taken care of by your registered GP or hospital specialist, nor do we provide a repeat prescription service for regular medications.

If we are unable to manage your condition, we may be able to suggest alternative ways of helping or signpost you to other services.

Ebisu Health Limited does not, in any way, replace the services of your NHS GP or hospital specialist and we are not considered to be a GP practice.

What our service provides

1.    Secure Video healthcare consultations for advice and information via a patient portal on our website www.ebisuhealth.co.uk with GPs and other healthcare professionals.

2.    Contact with our clinicians via a “mailbox system” once you have registered.

3.    Advice and treatment (if required) for urgent primary care problems which means minor medical problems that require “same day” or “soon” attention.

4.    Advice and treatment (if required) to all age groups, but patients <18y are subject to additional terms and conditions (see below- section titled Children)

5.    Prescriptions for medications are issued when it is appropriate. This will always be the clinician’s decision and based on current best medical practice guidelines. The decision to prescribe, or not to prescribe, will always be made in your best interest.

6.    Access to a growing knowledge base of healthcare information.

7.    Private medical sickness certificates (when appropriate).

8.    Private health referrals (when appropriate).

9.    Healthcare records are made following each consultation and will form the basis for any future consultations. We do not have access to your NHS records.

10. Services are provided in English.

What you are agreeing to;

Any information you submit at registration or during the consultation is accurate and truthful and you will inform us if this information ever changes. Information that is inaccurate/ incomplete could impact on the clinical advice and medications that are provided to you. Neither Ebisu or individual clinicians can be held responsible for any consequences resulting from inaccurate or incomplete information.

You will provide us with the necessary personal information we need to deliver our services. This includes permission to check and verify your identity through an external, third party service.

You will only use Ebisu services for yourself or those for whom you are legally responsible. You will not permit unauthorised access to your account.

You will always follow the advice or instructions given to you by our clinicians, especially regarding health information and medications/appliances. Neither Ebisu or individual clinicians can be held responsible for any consequences resulting from failure to follow advice and instructions given.

You accept it is your responsibility to inform your registered GP or hospital specialist (or other relevant regular healthcare provider) of the outcome, advice and treatment provided by Ebisu. Neither Ebisu or individual clinicians can be held responsible for any consequences resulting from failure to do so. We will never share any information with your GP without your consent, unless it is in the interest of public or individual safety but we strongly encourage you to give us permission to do so. You will be asked if you agree to this when you register.

If you have been unable to communicate your health concerns to the clinician, your condition remains unresolved or deteriorates, or you have misunderstood our advice you should seek further medical advice either from us or through other healthcare providers including emergency services.

You will seek immediate advice if you experience (or think you are experiencing), any side effects from medication prescribed to you.

You will ensure the medication is only used for the person named on the prescription.

You keep medications stored safely away from children and pets.

You will ensure you read all product packaging, expiry dates and labels that are included with your medication and follow the instructions carefully.


We aim to provide high quality health consultations from highly skilled medical professionals. If you are dissatisfied with a consultation or with any other service we provide, please contact us as soon as possible and we will attempt to rectify the problem. See How to make a complaint.


Patients aged 16-18 years

Can use the services in accordance with our terms and conditions, without being accompanied by an adult. However, they must have received permission from the cardholder to make payments, if they are not using their own debit or credit card.

Patients under 16 years

Children must be registered with an individual account, using a unique email address. The adult who registers them will be asked to prove they are legally responsible for the child by submitting an appropriate document for evidence. Examples of such documents include;

·       child’s passport where the surname matches the adult,

·       birth or adoption certificate,

·       guardianship letter or Court Order.

Verification of these documents may take up to 72 hours.

Adult account holders will have access to the child’s account according to the guidelines stated in the GMC.

Children 13 years and under are considered by law, to be of an age that lacks maturity that allows full capacity in understanding when making decisions about their own healthcare. However, there is great variation in such abilities and this age is suggested for a guide only. If there is disagreement with the statement, cases can be assessed on individual merit. Adults will have access to the full medical records and must supervise the child during the consultation.

Children aged 14 & 15y are generally deemed to have the maturity necessary to make decisions themselves. This means they can request to have the consultation in confidence, and the clinician will assess capacity to consent. Young patients who are deemed to be competent will be encouraged to share the medical information with their parent or legally responsible adult but if they decline, their medical notes will not be accessible by the adult account holder.

Sale of Products

We provide services which enable you to purchase products from third parties that are working with us in partnership

The sale of products is not NHS funded.

Medical Sickness certificates

Patients may purchase a medical sickness certificate if circumstances permit. The clinician will issue the certificate which will be delivered electronically to your account, once payment is received. It is in PDF format and can be printed. If you require a copy to be posted, you must inform the clinician at the time of consultation.

Medical Sickness Certificates issued by Ebisu cannot be used for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) or other social security benefits. You should approach your own GP if you need a certificate for these purposes. The certificate is for private use only e.g. at your employer’s request or as additional evidence of your medical condition that is preventing you from working or studying.

Private referrals

Clinicians can provide a letter of referral for a private hospital or clinic or other such service. However, we strongly encourage you to discuss referrals with your GP who may be able to offer this service through the NHS. Private Referral Letters are made on an open basis. This means clinicians will recommend a specialty and provide a letter than can be used when contacting your chosen hospital or clinic. The referral will be addressed to the relevant specialty unless you specifically name a healthcare professional.


Prescriptions are issued at the discretion of the attending clinician. There is no guarantee that a prescription will be issued during a consultation.

Once it has been determined that you require a medical product, the clinician will generate a prescription.

This prescription is used to legally place an order for medication or an appliance with a UK based pharmacy. The contract for the supply of this product lies between you and the pharmacy. Ebisu Health are not responsible for sourcing the products, nor are we responsible for their availability, quality or their delivery.

All prescriptions are private. This means that any NHS exemptions or pre-payment certificates do not apply. You will be required to pay the cost of the medication as determined by the pharmacy.

Ebisu will charge you for the cost of issuing the prescription (called a Prescription Fee). A prescription can hold up to 3 products (items). If more than 3 items are required at any one time, a further prescription will be issued, incurring a second Prescription Fee.

Your prescription will be sent electronically to our Partner Pharmacy, who will contact you to arrange either delivery of your items to your address or collection at a local pharmacy.

They will tell you how much the items and delivery will cost. Options for delivery are “same day” (to some areas in the UK) via courier, or 24hr/ 48h delivery via tracked Royal Mail and prices vary accordingly. Patients who live in remote locations or areas that are difficult to access may be unable to receive same day delivery.

Prices of medications and appliances are determined by the pharmacy. Ebisu have no influence or control of the cost, acceptance, availability or delivery of medications nor do we influence any of their associated policies or the instructions they provide to customers.

Our Partner Pharmacy and other pharmacies do not form any part of our organisation and therefore, to the extent permitted by law, Ebisu Health Limited disclaim any responsibility for their acts and omissions.

Each pharmacy that you may use, including our Partner Pharmacy, has their own Terms and Conditions which include your rights to cancel the order. We have no control or responsibility for any of their policies, including those relating to availability, delivery and dispensing of medications or of their opening times. If you have concerns or complaints about the service or the products dispensed, you should speak directly to the pharmacy.

Ebisu are unable to refund the cost of medications or delivery.


Medications are intended only for the person named on the prescription.

Controlled Drugs (as defined by the misuse of drugs act 1971) will not be prescribed by our Acute Care Practitioners. Controlled Drugs may be prescribed occasionally, at the discretion of a doctor, if clinical circumstances warrant it. However, there is strict guidance on the issue of such drugs, and many medications classified under Misuse of Drugs Regulations are unsuitable for prescribing online. Our full policy can be found on our website. No more than 7 days’ worth of controlled medication will be issued at any time and repeat requests are likely to be declined.

Antibiotics will only be prescribed at the discretion of the clinician. Ebisu do not issue antibiotics at the request of the patient. Ebisu are conscientious, responsible prescribers committed to the stewardship of antibiotics and the growing global concern of antibiotic resistance.

Our Clinicians

Our team of clinicians consists of GPs and Acute Care Practitioners (ACPs). An ACP may be an advanced nurse practitioner or another healthcare professional with independent prescribing permissions and qualifications. All employees are based in the UK.

Each clinician is registered with their respective professional bodies (either the GMC, NMC or GPhC). This means they have committed to abide by the professional standards required and will carry out their duties according to best medical practice. Our clinicians are all compliant with the guidelines on remote prescribing, and with the essential standards of quality and safety as specified by the CQC.

All clinicians receive annual performance appraisals from Ebisu in addition to their external appraisals from their respective professional bodies.

A clinician’s registration number is available on request.

You are not able to specify a clinician when booking an appointment. Our ACPs are competent in managing acute minor illness and ailments, however, there may be times where the input or support from a GP will be necessary. If this occurs during your consultation with an ACP, they will either consult the GP, transfer your consultation to an available GP or arrange the for the doctor to contact you by telephone. You will not be charged for this service.

Clinicians may, at times, have differing clinical opinions. If these opinions are reasonable and justified, we expect, and respect professional differences and it does not indicate inaccuracies or incompetence’s of individual clinicians or of Ebisu Health Limited.

Our clinicians are only required to speak in English and currently, we are unable to offer a translation service.

Ebisu have a zero tolerance to abuse or offensive behaviour against our employees and contracted members of staff.


Your appointment lasts up to 10 minutes which is a fixed charge.

After you have booked and paid for an appointment you will receive an email confirming this. The email will contain a link to the consultation with a clinician or you can access your appointment through the Patient Portal. The consultation will be conducted via a secure video link. Your email should arrive shortly after booking your appointment, (please remember to check your email junk folder if you have not received it). If you do not receive the email, please contact us on enquiries@ebisuhealth.co.uk or 0844 0200315.

Your clinician will be either a GP or an Advanced Nurse Practitioner.

While we make every attempt to start the consultation at your allocated appointment time, we are unable to guarantee the clinician will be available at the exact time. Due to the nature of the healthcare business, unexpected delays may occur, often relating to patient health and safety. If we have caused an unreasonable delay, we will contact you to arrange either another time or refund you the cost of your appointment.

Website Content and disclaimer

Healthcare Information that is published on our website is for informative and educational purposes only. This information should not be relied upon to replace medical advice provided directly by a clinician. We are not responsible for any loss or damages that may occur by relying on this information to self-manage your illness or general health.

Access to Ebisu Health Limited

You can use Ebisu services via our website. You will need an internet-enabled device with a built-in camera or webcam, and you will require a good internet connection through Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

The minimum bandwidth suggested is 2MB/s, however, a 3MB/s bandwidth or more will give the best connection to the secure video link.

If connection is lost during a consultation, the clinician will attempt, to the best of their ability, to reconnect or they may contact you by telephone.

Please check your operating system/browser and your bandwidth are optimal before your appointment begins. We are not able to refund consultation fees if you are unable to connect due to your operating system/browser being incompatible or if you have poor internet connection. We are not responsible for unavailability of communication networks or internet connection or for errors caused by transmission of information, data or communications over telecommunication carriers or poor internet connections.

Communication is primarily via a secure video link and a mailbox system. Occasionally we made need to contact you by telephone.

Messages can be sent to our clinicians via a “mailbox” system. The system allows you to send a question to a clinician, per appointment booked, up to 7 days after your consultation. Patients who have purchased an annual membership subscription will have unlimited access to the mailbox facility for up to 14 days following an appointment. Clinicians will aim to respond to queries and messages within 48hrs (or within 24hrs for members).

Viruses and Security

You must not expose Ebisu Health Limited website or data networks to any computer viruses or malicious software.

Please ensure your internet connected devices have enough protection against electronic viruses and malicious software.

Ebisu uses anti-virus and malicious software protection to minimise the risk of intrusion, but we cannot guarantee our services will always be virus free.

In the event of a security threat to our website or data network we may need to suspend services while we rectify the problem. We will keep delays to a minimum and will refund the cost of any appointments already booked. However, we will not be responsible for refunding the annual membership fee unless services are unavailable for more than 30 consecutive days, in which case we will refund the amount proportional to the time lost.

Changes to the terms and conditions

Ebisu reserve the right to change the terms and conditions when needed. We will inform you if any changes affect your rights or obligations.

Personal Information

Please read our Privacy Policy. This explains how we will use and process your personal information and how we ensure it is secure.

Limitations to our Service Provision

Ebisu will always try to ensure availability of our service and to avoid interruptions but due to unpredictable events with the internet, we are unable to guarantee this will always be the case.

We may occasionally need to suspend our service to allow for repairs, maintenance and updates but we will always ensure these are kept to a minimum.

We cannot guarantee to continue to provide services if events occur that are outside our control. We will notify you during these events, at the earliest opportunity, and attempt to minimise disruptions. In this event, if you have an appointment booked we will contact you to rearrange another time or we can refund the cost of the disrupted or missed appointment. We will not refund the annual membership fee unless services are unavailable for more than 30 consecutive days, in which case we will refund the amount proportional to the time lost.

Payments and fees

Prices are displayed on our website and you will be charged for services at the time you order them.

Prices may change over time but services or benefits you have already purchased will not be affected

Payments are accepted from credit or debit cards, through PayPal and you must be authorised to use them. We do not store payment card details on our own system.

Any failure to authorise us to charge your debit or credit card for services or products will mean we cannot provide you with the items you have ordered or permit confirmation of booking for appointments. If money is owed for services or products, we will allow up to 72 hours for payment and then the services will be cancelled, and the products will no longer be available for purchase.

The Consultation Fee covers the cost of consultation with a clinician for up to 10 minutes. The clinician will terminate the consultation after this time and may invite you for a “follow-up consultation” at a reduced price.

Consultations may in certain circumstances overrun the 10 minutes. Our clinicians will do their best to prevent additional charges but if it continues into the following appointment you may be charged for an additional 10-minute appointment. You will be advised of this and given the option to terminate the appointment before this occurs. Refunds are not available for unused minutes.

If you require medication, the clinician will charge a Prescription Fee. This is non-refundable. It does NOT cover the cost of the medication which is an independent charge made by the pharmacy you choose to use. Please see section titled Sale of Products; (Prescriptions)

Additional fees that may be incurred are Medical Sickness Certificates Fees, Private Referrals Fee and Other Administration Fees (other letters requested).

Membership Subscription is optional and paid up-front and in advance of the coming year. This subscription will not automatically renew at the end of the annual subscription period but you will be sent an email reminding you when it is due to expire. If there is a delay in receiving this payment, your membership will be suspended until payment is received.

A Membership Subscription entitles you to certain concessions as displayed on the website pricing list.

Any postage fees for letters are inclusive of the price quoted.

Cancellation and refunds

You may cancel an appointment at any time.

We will refund all cancellations that are made up to 24 hours of the confirmed appointment time. If you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment we will not refund you, however you may amend the appointment time for another consultation within the following 48 hours, without incurring additional charges. Ebisu reserve the right to restrict future bookings if there is abuse of this system.

Ebisu are unable to refund any part of the cost of the appointment if you are late. You may “arrive” at any time within the 10-minute appointment, but the consultation will end at the scheduled time which means you will have less time with the clinician.

You may cancel your registered account or annual membership subscription with Ebisu Health at any time without additional charge. This cancellation will take effect immediately and your subscription will not be renewed at the next renewal period.

If you cancel your annual subscription within 14 days of the payment, we will refund the total amount within 14 days of your notice being given. We may reduce the amount refunded if you have used any services or products within that 14-day period that were subject to concessions, to recover our costs. This cost will be calculated according to the price list applicable to non-membership fees, as displayed on the website.

We will not refund annual membership fees that are cancelled after the 14-day period, but you may continue to use our services and products at membership rates until the end of your subscription period.

You may terminate your membership subscription and we will refund you proportionate to the time elapsed if any of the following circumstances occur;

·       If services are unavailable for reasons outside our control for more than 30 consecutive days

·       If you do not agree to any changes in the terms and conditions, we make

·       If we fail to fix or re-perform services that were not provided to the standards we have set out in these terms and conditions

Ebisu may opt to terminate your membership subscription or registered account if any of the following circumstances occur;

·       Services are unavailable for reasons outside our control for more than 30 consecutive days

·       If you do not comply with the terms and conditions, we have stated

·       If you do not pay any required fees on time

Prescription Fees are non-refundable

Medical sickness certificates, private referrals and other letters of administration, once they are sent to your account or posted are non-refundable,

Our liability to you

Theses terms and conditions form part of a binding legal agreement. This means we must, by law, compensate you if our service does not comply with these terms and conditions.  Subject to applicable law, we will compensate you for, and not be liable for an amount up to and equal to the amount you paid us. Our liability applies to Ebisu Health Limited, individual clinicians, other employees of the company and any affiliated partners, to the extent the law permits.

 We are not liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages through using our services, advice or products.

There are certain things we will and will not compensate you for which will be explained as follows;

We are responsible for compensating you if;

·       We breach these terms and conditions and you suffer loss or damages due to something that was within our reasonable control.

·       Any injury or death is caused by negligence through action or inaction by a clinician or other employee of Ebisu Health Limited, or through any other liability that cannot be excluded or unlimited by law.

·       We provide you with any digital content that is defective and causes damages to your device or other digital content, and we have not taken reasonable actions to prevent this. We will elect the amount of compensation owed to you for the cost of the device or it’s repair.

We are not responsible for compensating you if;

·       We breach these terms and conditions and you suffer loss or damages due to something that is outside our reasonable control.

·       If loss or damages occur from using Ebisu services, advice or products for the treatment of medical emergencies or urgent medical conditions that require a face-to-face or physical examination.

·       We do not provide a warranty of any kind for our software

·       If loss or damage occurs from defective digital content where you have not followed instructions or advice provided by us. This includes taking precautions advised by us to keep your personal data secure and preventing unauthorised access

·       If loss or damage occurs through using our service for a commercial or other business purpose.

Protection of Our Brand and intellectual property

Ebisu owns the copyright, and other intellectual property rights on the website, contents published or stored and the services we deliver.

You are permitted to use the website, contents and other intellectual property to receive our services, store on your devices and print copies for personal use or for communicating with healthcare professionals that are involved with your medical care.

You are not permitted to copy, distribute, exploit, modify or make commercial, business or illegal use of our website, contents or other intellectual property.

Ebisu brand marks and logos are trademarks of Ebisu Health Limited. We also display logos, icons and brand marks that are the property of third parties who are partners, affiliated with us or have other businesses relationships with us. You may not use any logo, brand, icon or trademark of our affiliates or partners without their written permission.

Our website also contains links to other independent third-party websites. These companies are not under our control and do not form part of our business. Therefore, we are not responsible for the content within their websites, nor do we endorse it. Any interaction you may have with third party websites is your responsibility and you interact with them under your own judgement. Ebisu are not responsible for any loss or damages that may arise from use or purchase of services and products from third party websites.

Complaints and Disputes

We welcome feedback and complaints as it helps identify the areas that we can improve. We would like to know about any complaints you may have as soon as possible.

You can contact us Monday-Friday 9-5pm on 0844 0200315  or email us enquiries@ebisuhealth.co.uk

You can also write to us at Ebisu Health Limited, Kemp House, 160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX.

We will aim to respond to your complaint using the procedures and timeframes set out in our Complaint Policy. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 3 working days of receiving it and aim to investigate and provide a final response within 30 working days. If there are circumstances that are likely to delay this timescale, we will write to you and keep you informed of the progress of the investigation and of the expected time to complete the process.

A senior member of our team will be responsible for investigating your complaint and will also be your point of contact should you wish to speak to us during the process. They will investigate circumstances that led to the complaint, discuss with any members of the team that are involved and develop an action plan, if necessary, to ensure lessons are learned and changes are made. The senior team member may also provide you with a written apology.

If you remain dissatisfied with the complaint response you may also contact the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on Citygate, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK NE1 4PA.

Ebisu Health Limited reserve the right to terminate or suspend accounts in breach of any of the above terms and conditions.